Reservations are required and must be made at least 3 hours in advance. We do not take walk-ins
*An adult is required to be in the room if any participants are under the age of 16 and the adult counts as a participant*


The Rooms

The Study

The Study

Saddened by the sudden and mysterious passing of your aunt, you attend the reading of her will to find out that she has left you with an unusual request. While you carry out her final wishes, you discover that not everything is as it appears.

2-5 players, 60 minutes

The Light Room

The Light Room

Years ago, Charles Batchelor became sick of listening to his close friend Thomas Edison comparing himself to his rival, Nikola Tesla. In order to finally put to rest who had the greatest mind between them he devised the perfect way to test them. It was never known what test he conducted, until now.

4-8 people, 60 minutes
Contains flashing lights

What is an Escape Room?

aka Escape Games, Puzzle Room, Exit Game


 Do you ever watch Sherlock Holmes or National Treasure and think to yourself… I could do that! Well, now is your chance! Come try out Nodus 805 1 hour Escape Rooms in Thousand Oaks. Immerse yourself in the environment, find the clues, solve the puzzles, and experience a Real Life Quest.

 You have 1 hour to find your way out of a room filled with hidden clues, challenging puzzles, and more!

Perfect for teambuilding or just having fun with a group of friends!

Find hidden clues!

Find hidden clues!

Will you find the clues others missed?

Solve challenging puzzles!

Solve challenging puzzles!

Will you be the one to solve what others cannot?

It's a race against the clock!

It's a race against the clock!

You have 1 hour to solve the mystery and make it out of the room. Will you make it in time?

What people are saying...

Ping O

OMG! This was my first time at a mystery escape room and it could not have gone better. What an experience and I highly recommend these guys. I won't give anything away but to say it was worth every penny and every minute spent! Try it. You will NOT regret it!

Nicole R.

Nodus805 Escape Room was AWESOME!!! It was a great challenge, great group collaboration, and so exciting when you figured out a clue and triggered the next clue:) Too much fun!! We will be back for sure:)

Kyler S.

Such an awesome experience! Can't wait for the 2nd room to open!

Megan G.

I have been to probably about a dozen escape rooms so I was really excited to finally have one in Thousand Oaks! We did the Study Room and it did not disappoint. We definitely needed to use my sister for quite a few puzzles but between all us, we only needed 1 clue and we escaped- I think that's a win! At the end of the room, the theme definitely came full circle so I appreciated the attention to the detail and I would highly recommend this to anyone.

Kyle G.

This place is rad. It was our first escape room. We got out just in time...even though my partner was slowing me down! Good date spot ! We did "the study" room. There is a super cool clue that made me jump/got me really excited. We always wanted to try an escape room but didn't want to drive out to LA. This place is cool. Excited for the next room to open. The only downside...I wish they served beer .

Our escape rooms are closed until further notice. If you came here for team building, please go to the team building link at the top to learn about our other offerings.